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Jean-Pierre Leguay


Former student of Olivier Messiaen, Jean-Pierre Leguay has served as titular organist at Notre Dame de Paris since 1985 and is professor emeritus of organ and improvisation at the Conservatoire National de Région de Dijon. He has won many awards for improvisation and composition at international competitions in Lyon, Nice, Haarlem, Erding and Paris (CNSM).
Internationally recognised as a concert organist, composer and improviser -- not only at the organ, but also as a pianist and in ensembles -- Jean-Pierre Leguay pursues a triple career throughout Europe, Canada, the United States and Asia. He is frequently invited by radio networks, academies, universities and conservatories in France and overseas.
Constantly exploring the ‘alchemy of sound’, the composer’s catalogue presently comprises more than sixty works for various instrumental and vocal ensembles, including Étoilé (harpsichord and quintet), Sève (alto saxophone and piano), Souffle (fourteen instruments), Azur (piano), Aube (organ and chamber orchestra), Cendres d’ailes (tenor and piano) and a string trio and quartet.
His principal publishers are Billaudot, Lemoine, Universal, and Symétrie.
He has received commissions from the Ministère de la Culture, Radio France, CNSM de Paris, the Concours International de Chartres, Musique Sacrée à Notre-Dame de Paris, the Scottish Arts Council of Edinburgh, and the Festival de Música Española de Léon.


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