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Chant d'Airain

Jean-Pierre Leguay 

Diapason, 5 diapasons

‘Three intersecting worlds: lively brass, overflowing and dynamic; the organ, rich in polymorphic fluidity and in the large number of registrations; the percussion with the flamboyant luminosity of the marimba, the whispered or shouted quivering of the tomtom, the heavy beats and enveloping rolls of the drums. Two rhapsodic frescoes, Granit and Péan I, at times gleaming, at times velvety, tender as well, are answered by Péan II, woven out of the intimacy of chamber music, the rhetoric of symphonic dialogues, the elation of an open sky, and by Chant d’airain with its tribune’s declamation matured by the complicity of the surrounding acoustic. Capriccio is rendered by just the organ, with four hands, and an improvisation by myself, like a signature, a hyphen connecting the written programme and today.’ Jean-Pierre Leguay

Cuivres et percussions de l'Orchestre du Luxembourg :
Adam Rixer, trompette
Marc Meyers, trombone
Netty Glesener, marimba
Roman Zaremba, trompette
Simone Patz, trombone
Laurent Lemaire, trombone
Vincent Debès, trombone
Paul Mootz, percussions
Jean-Pierre Leguay, orgue
Jean-Luc Etienne, orgue
Pascale Rouet, orgue
Pierre Nimax jun., direction

T.T. 74'32
1 CD
© 2012

15,00 €

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Detailed program
HORTUS 095 | CD DDD ℗ Hortus | T.T. 74'32
  Jean-Pierre Leguay (1939--)
1. Granit 15'57
  pour deux trompettes, deux trombones et orgue
2. Capriccio 6'51
  pour orgue à quatre mains
3. Péan II 10'22
  pour trompette et orgue
4. Chant d'Airain 10'45
  pour trombone ténor seul
5. Improvisation 11'34
6. Péan I 18'59
  pour marimba, trois trombones, orgue et percussions

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Detailed program






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