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Triton vol.

Il était une fois... 7 Créations


Once upon a time: two musicians of opposite temperaments whose love of music revealed their duo as self-evident, musicians whose curiosity and eagerness to enrich the repertory for flute and organ led them to
encounter six composers and commission a work from each. This album retraces their adventure on Breton soil, along the path of creation. A path made up of encounters
with audiences: these works all had concert premieres at the Cathedral of Dol, between 2019 and 2023. These composers as different as they are, converge under the banner of Contemporary – a Contemporary in the plural!

Julia Olméo, flûte
Eric Cordé, orgue

T.T. 69'17
1 CD
© 2024

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Detailed program
HORTUS 582 | CD DDD ℗ Hortus 2024 | T.T. 69'17
  Jean-Charles Gandrille
1. Petite Mélodie Obstinée 3'21
  Gunnar Idenstam
  Trois Chants Scandinaves  
2. Liralåt from Gotland (Suède) 2'37
3. Vallåt from Jämtland (Suède) 4'15
4. Goathorn Tune (Norvège) 1'46
  Jean-René André (1967)
5. Sous la lune au Champ-Dolent 5'57
  Pierre Cholley (1962)
  Paysages bretons  
6. Tout un petit peuple 2'07
7. Berceuse 2'30
8. Le chemin de Callac à Plumelec 9'01
9. Les petits cailloux 4'04
10. Sur la lande infinie 4'58
  Christophe Guyard (1966)
11. L’Ange dit aux bergers 6'34
  Christopher Gibert (1993)
  In Memoriam Y.F.  
12. Er Voraerion 4'56
13. Melani Vihan 2'38
14. Deut holl ha deut gant fe 5'35
  Jean-Charles Gandrille
15. Danses-Métamorphoses 9'52

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Detailed program






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