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Born in 1877, Louis Aubert and
Gustave Samazeuilh each conceived
their greatest piano masterpiece
following an identical theme and form,
yet, it would seem, without comparing
notes: the two great marine triptychs
"Sillages" and "Le Chant de la mer"
undeniably inhabit the ocean of
forsaken or poorly-known works of
genius. In his "Sillages" Florian Caroubi
beckons us to listen to the sea
as a subject teeming with the most
resplendent of sound paintings; here,
as a natural element, changing and
multifarious, it finds its way to an
ever renewed place within French
musical impressionism.

Florian Caroubi, piano

T.T. 69'12
1 CD
© 2022

15,00 €

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Detailed program
HORTUS 210 | CD DDD ℗ Hortus 2022 | T.T. 69'12
  Louis Aubert
  Sillages op. 27  
1. Sur le rivage 7'23
2. Socorry 6'55
3. Dans la nuit 5'44
  Gabriel Dupont (1878-1914)
  La maison dans les dunes  
4. Voiles sur l’eau 4'36
  Claude Debussy (1862-1918)
  Images, Livre I  
5. Reflets dans l'eau 5'55
  Gabriel Dupont (1878-1914)
  La maison dans les dunes  
6. Le soir dans les pins 5'20
  Maurice Ravel (1875-1937)
7. Une barque sur l’océan 7'59
  Gabriel Dupont (1878-1914)
  La maison dans les dunes  
8. Clair d’étoiles 3'21
  Gustave Samazeuilh (1877-1967)
  Le Chant de la mer  
9. Prélude 4'21
10. Clair de lune au large 7'28
11. Tempête et lever du jour sur les flots 10'03

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Detailed program






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