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Beethoven: Trois sonates pour piano


The 250th anniversary of Beethoven’s birth provides the opportunity to shed a new light on certain among his masterworks. In numerous passages opus 7, the first ‘Grand sonata’, anticipates subsequent pieces such as the Appassionata or the Waldstein, yet it is perhaps even more unsettling and revolutionary than its more famous sibling. With its dusky atmosphere and its melody, The Tempest is one of the most notorious and mysterious works by Beethoven, very difficult to come to grips with. Opus 110, my favourite, describes a life, death and rebirth: in a word, it is the closest thing to the Absolute that I have ever come upon in a musical work.

Matteo Fossi, piano

T.T. 72'43
1 CD
© 2020

15,00 €

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HORTUS 190 | CD DDD ℗ Hortus 2020 | T.T. 72'43
  Ludwig van BEETHOVEN (1770-1827)
  Sonate No. 4 en Mi Bémol Majeur, Op. 7  
1. Allegro molto e con brio 8'08
2. Largo con gran espressione 8'40
3. Allegro 5'05
4. Rondo: Poco allegretto e grazioso 7'18
  Sonate No. 17 en Ré Mineur, Op. 31 No. 2 "La tempête"  
5. Largo - Allegro 8'28
6. Adagio 8'06
7. Allegretto 7'21
  Sonate No. 31 en La Bémol Majeur, Op. 110  
8. Moderato cantabile, molto espressivo 6'43
9. Allegro molto 2'08
10. Adagio ma non troppo 3'37
11. Fuga. Allegro ma non troppo 7'01

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