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Les Musiciens et la Grande Guerre vol. 1

Republication of the item HORTUS 085

Une mort mythique

Albéric Magnard 

Télérama, ffff

When Albéric Magnard, in a suicidal and admi¬rable gesture of passion and pride, perished on 3 September 1914 whilst defending his house, arms in hand, against the Germans, he immedi¬ately became a hero to the nation. And yet, then as now, he is little known. His compositions, starting in 1887 with magical piano pieces, noble and subtile jewels of poetry, through his last chamber music composition, the dense and profound cello sonata (1910), allow us to redis¬cover an essential chapter of French music on the eve of the first World War.

Magnard’s sonata for cello and piano, his last chamber music composition (1910), is of great beauty, both concise and dense. His music for piano solo, presented here for the first time in toto, dates from his youth (1888-1890) and includes poetic pearls–magical, noble and subtle.

Alain Meunier, violoncelle
Philippe Guilhon-Herbert, piano

T.T. 70'37
1 CD
© 2014

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Couverture HORTUS 085
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Detailed program
HORTUS 085 | CD DDD ℗ Hortus 2011 | T.T. 70'37
  Albéric Magnard (1868-1914)
  Sonate pour Violoncelle et Piano op. 20  
1. 1er mouvement 8'16
2. 2e mouvement 2'28
3. 3e mouvement 9'06
4. 4e mouvement 7'05
5. En Dieu mon Espérance et mon Espée pour ma Défense 5'28
  Trois pièces op. 1  
6. Choral 1'03
7. Fuguette 2'36
8. Feuille d'album 2'31
9. Prélude 1'15
10. Fugue 2'52
  Promenades op. 7  
11. Envoi 3'31
12. Bois de Boulogne 3'00
13. Villebon 2'59
14. Saint-Cloud 2'21
15. Saint-Germain 4'19
16. Trianon 3'49
17. Rambouillet 7'53

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Detailed program






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